We as Keyvan Systems leverage proprietary solutions while seamlessly harnessing the synergies unsurfaced of data aggregation to empower decision makers across organizations. We provide increased visibility on ongoing complex dynamics of sectors and markets. Through crystallizing infrastructures needed in the quantification of strategies, derisked decision processes, tactical pipelines, actionable insights and market intelligence sources we tackle operational barriers fragmented across the global landscape.

Market Insights

Our analytics and growth platform is integrated with multiple data sources and displays target audience foot/visit traffic, location based competition and pricing comparisons as well as targeting capabilities through social media channels and platforms. Through this platform you are able to see your customers and competition through visualization, mapping, statistics and market analysis reports.

Target Real Activity Patterns not Digital Interests

We support you build hyper-targeted audience for your ideal customers.
Spend less money on classical digital targeting approach and more time getting more customers on tailor-made audience targeting.

How clear can you see through the storm?

Through the aggregation of multiple data sources and technical solutions we provide the steering force needed to thrust through financial and sector-wide storms via our services and consultants.

Precision and predictability is increased through fusing market intelligence metrics while aggregating it into company scorecards and quantified strategies.


Our services vary from capitalizing actionable intelligence, providing real time market intelligence and growth marketing solutions to our clients around the world.

Impact of Our Data Driven Approach

Data Sources,
with Global Coverage.
Applied Solutions,
with Data Privacy.

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